Weekly update - 10.08.17

This is the first post in devlog, I guess I have a lot of things to say

First of all.

Souls of the labyrinth was born out of nowhere, along with other ideas in a meeting with my then teammates, it was not the winning idea of beginning, but it was growing to a level that we could not let go.

It started without a name, without a protagonist, only with games that we love very much as a reference and the idea of being a small game, our first game as a team.

It is still a small game in its grandiosity, we chose to play the game in a labyrinth mainly for that, to transform the exploration experience into a huge puzzle, thus making the player go through the same place more than once, and giving us a chance to work better in the game, not having to add useless content.

You choose the enemy that wants to fight, find your temple, fight a battle and in case you win you receive a weapon to help you in the next enemy, a simple flow to follow and that is what we have been developing until now.


Over time we added new ideas that we had, thinking of a way to not lose the initial feeling that we wanted to pass to the player.

Now we have a main character, who will be inspired by MC Soffia (participated in the opening of the Olympics),  mechanics to find the enemies known in the game as souls of the labyrinth , as well as different ways of interacting with the scenario and the game.

We put minibosses on the way  , these so-called soul scourges, are 3  for each path, and defeating them is optional, but only with their defeat will you get the chance to save the game in the middle of the path.

In addition to now the labyrinth is no longer open, we close it in parts, to facilitate the development so that it does not make so much difference to the player

To not make this post much stretch I will finish here, many news will come.

see you later

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