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Souls of the Labyrinth is a exploration and adventure game that tells the story of the girl in search of the end of a curse that plagues her world formed by an endless Labyrinth.

Inspired by Titan Souls and Toren.

Walk through a giant labyrinth with various types of biomes trying to discover their secrets and ways.

The hatred and envy of the Labyrinth became lava
and these horrendous creatures were born.

Humans waged a bloody war and were almost exterminated.

The ancients remembered
the black and sacred stone of the Labyrinth
and once again wounding him
they forged weapons of stolen pieces.

Humans won, but it was not celebrated by anyone.

The Gods then punished their creations with a curse,
taking the senses from the Labyrinth
and turning to stone anyone who
challenge him again.

Fight against huge enemies, and stronger than you, find out where you hit them and memorize their moves

We are working hard to give a pleasant gameplay that allows us to reach the taste of different gamers, giving the opportunity to different likes and levels of experince.

  • Combat against huge and strategic enemies: Find huge enemies and find out how to end them by creating strategies that match your playing style and experience.
  • Exploring in a Fantastic World: Enter a world with 6 different biomes separated into 4 different areas, each with its own history and secrets.
  • Fun and challenging puzzles: Choose to walk a path without fights and face challenging puzzles to achieve your goal.
  • Various secrets and easter eggs.

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Souls of the Labyrint [Alpha Demo].rar 130 MB

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